I salute you for taking the first brave steps in the direction of enhanced growth and change!  Psychotherapy offers a unique opportunity to make meaningful, deep, and lasting personal change, and I celebrate you even considering this as a possibility for yourself and in getting yourself this far.  Some people come to therapy with a clear sense of what they would like to address, work on, or see change in their lives. Others may not be as clear. They may have a sense that things are not “on track” in their lives the way they sense they could be. Maybe they notice repeating patterns going on for them- in relationships with others, in use of unhealthy coping methods like addictions and avoidance – or maybe they simply have a new issue in their lives which they would like support for or help in figuring out how best to address. Maybe you are part of a couple who is caught in negative cycles of interaction that leave you both feeling alone rather than mutually supported… Maybe you are a parent concerned about the well-being of your child / adolescent or your own ability to maintain a healthy parental relationship…

Together We Can Tackle What's Holding You Back

I have worked for years with people from a range of different backgrounds, ages, mental health symptoms and other types of personal problems/challenges. I see each individual as a fascinatingly unique manifestation of our shared human condition and love nothing more than to help others to find, support and actualize the best version of themselves as they move through life and all its challenges/opportunities.

Learn More About Who I Am

I am passionate about working with people, their individual growth and their relationships, and have dedicated my adult career to this type of work- bringing my own diverse experiences and interests to various types of people in this most diverse city in the world.  Please visit the “About Me” page (under “Contact”) of this website to read and learn more about me.

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